CARUS CONSULTANTS has proven to be a successful combination of experience and innovation. With over 25 years of experience within the voluntary sector, Carus Consultants is in a distinctive position to advise, inform and act for charities, companies, and grant makers. It is this broad spectrum of experience that enables Carus Consultants to provide a tailored service, in an accurate and informed way.

In 2005/06 Carus Consultants has:

  • Acted as the sole advisors in the distribution of over £2 million of grant awards.
  • Researched and developed methods of allocating corporate grants according to the requirements of the company and their employees.
  • Reviewed compliance issues, audited performance and identified best practice for a major grant making Foundation. 
  • Offered added value consultancy visits on behalf of trusts, for recipient charities advising on fundraising and marketing.
  • Worked directly with a varied field of charities and helped them to achieve successful and sustainable fundraising targets. These include hospice care, victim support, refugees and asylum seeker support, access to the arts, community groups, homelessness, disabled children and creative therapies for mental health sufferers.
  • Carried out national and international due diligence visits on behalf of a Trust client.
  • Carried out commissioned and published research on funding relationships between Trusts and Charity Service Providers.
  • Advised an independent school on public benefit matters
  • Worked on developing community activity in a professional football club.
  • Provided training in the U.K. and overseas.

Whether you are seeking funds for your cause or looking to develop or improve the methods by which you distribute your charitable funds, Carus Consultants can offer assistance to meet any budget.